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Der Club an der Alster - 1.Men

Joachim Mahn, born on 08/17/1963, at Der Club an der Alster since 1986, started playing with 10 years at the Crefelder SV. Further stations: Gladbacher HTC, Crefelder HTC, then DCadA. Greatest successes as player: German Champion Field 1981, Bundesliga-Indoor-Advancement 1984, German Indoor Vice-Champion 1988, silver medal Universiade 1991, 25 games for youth and senior national team. As Coach: Bundesligadvancement with 1. Ladies 1987, German Champion with the 1. Men 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008, German Cup Cup 1999, European National Champions’ Cup 2000 und 2002 (Field) und 2005 (Hall).

The season of 2011/12

An incredible season of 2010/2011 lies behind us. The very suprising indoor triumph with a victory against the arch-rival UHC in the German Finals was even beaten by the field season. With a huge hustle towards the end of the „normal“ season we were able to qualify for the playoffs on rank 8. The following was a triumph march through hockey’s Cremé de la Cremé. First we were able to kick out the first placed team from Mannheim within two games during the quarter finals before wem et the UHC again in the semi-finals. Meanwhile the self-confidence was big enough to beat them in two games, too. Four huge games were behind us and there was only one game left to play. The final against Uhlenhorst Mülheim. At least 150 fans fund their way to Mannheim, where the final took place, to support our team. In this game we also dominated and so we won 4-1 in an alsmost perfectly played match and got the double. Field and Indoor Champion 2011. You can’t win any more. Everybody who watched the games live could see that there was a great team built in which especially the key players played 100% fort he team.
Another highlight we are proud to announce is that after our first goalkeeper Tim Jessulat won the Indoor World Championship in February, he won the Outdoor European Champioinship as well. We will do our best to support him, so he can step on the podest at the olympic games in London, too.

Jo Mahn
Coach of the 1. Men Der Club an der Alster The Team:


Tim Jessulat
Goalkeeper Tim Jessulat played an awesome season in- and outdoor.
Christoph Noack
Second goaly Christoph Noack advanced a lot at Tim’s side.
David Wünschmann
David Wünschmann a very good keeper. His only problem: Tim is better.

Philip Fröschle
Phillip, Frosch, Fröschle. Banker from the Haspa and ultimate fighter, just like his little brother.

Konstantin Rentrop
Konner Rentrop, the interceptor. Between left and genius he played an overwhelming season.

Patrick Müller
Patrick, Paddy, Müller, the neutral swiss player with an enourmous talent.

Matthias Knüpfer
Matthias, Matze, Knüpfer, has a great technique. Born in Stuttgart, he earned his place in the team.


Sebastian Biederlack
Buddy Biederlack as the man that holds the strings, superior in offense and defense.

Alessio Ress
Alessio Ress, the artist who has to bring a compass for his opponents, so they know where to go.

Julian Hofmann-Jeckel
Julian Hofmann-Jeckel, known for his enormous running endurance and the master of 3D hockey
Stefan Witte
Stefan, Stevie, Witte, the perfect athlete. Set new patterns for the beeptest.

Jonathan Fröschle
Jojo Fröschle as center-defender and cornercanon topscorer in 2011.
Daniel von Drachenfels
Daniel von Drachenfels, faster than his own shadow and with clearly the best „aggi“ of all.

Tim Witthaus
Tim Witthaus, the head of the second offense, with suprising moments as well in offense as in defense.

Christian Reimann
Christian Reimann, our little chap that came from our own youth and worked hard for his starting position.


Herbert Willig


Joachim Mahn

Second Coach:

Frederik Merz


Heiko Milz


Christopher Hallmann

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