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Dr. Karl Ness
Der Club an der Alster
"Der Club an der Alster" is delighted to host the EuroHockey Indoor Champions Cup 2012. Eight from the best European National Hockey champions competing within three days in this premier indoor tournament “ The Schlegel Eurohockey Indoor Club Championship Cup”.
We thank the EHF for having choosen us to host this Tournament and look forward to welcoming the players, the supporters, the tournament directors, the referees, the officials of the European Hockey Federation, all the participating clubs and of course the viewers of this championship. A special thank to our sponsors, who have made big efforts to prepare together with us an event, that matches the importance of an European Cup. As the host and consequently a representative of the Sport City Hamburg, we will try together with our partners to provide a most memorable stay for all participants.
We wish all teams a lot of success and all participants, whether active or passive, a lot of fun in the hockey hall and enjoyment before and after in our club rooms."

Marijke Fleuren
European Hockey Federation
It is my pleasure to welcome the players, officials and fans of hockey from Austria, England, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and of course our host Der Club an der Alster to Hamburg for the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup.
As Europe continues to prove itself as the powerhouse for Indoor Hockey globally the EuroHockey Indoor Championships is without question a vital part of the EuroHockey calendar in 2012. For the indoor players, this is the highlight of their hockey year. A chance to wear their club shirt with pride, to show their personal qualities and their passion for our sport. Given our climate in Europe, Indoor hockey is thriving with three club divisions for women and four for men. A total of 53 club teams playing in the EuroHockey Club Championships. We are always striving to increase this number and are conscious as a Federation of our need to keep close to our clubs and our grass roots hockey as this is the power base of hockey in Europe.
To Christian Zenka and his team of organisers, I say thank-you for your tireless work, which I know will set the stage for a fantastic event. To the sponsors and partners, once again I say thank-you, we appreciate your continuing support of Hockey. Your Executive Board recently re-assessed its reasons for being involved in hockey and Passion for our sport was the unanimous reason we are all involved in hockey. This passion is fuelled by our core values, and at the heart of our core values is fair play. We ask that everyone here this weekend, who we know are also here because of your passion for hockey will uphold the very core of hockey a fair play sport, fair play for the organisers, players and officials.
Enjoy the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup!

Torsten Harms
Main sponsor
car dealership Schlegel
“The car dealership – Schlegel can look back on a long-standing collaboration with the Club an der Alster. We were always very satisfied with the cooperation, which finally brought us to get the main sponsor for the tournament. The Club an der Alster, is on one hand a very of traditional club, but on the other side also very young. This mixture pleases me! The fact that the club has no fear of new things as well, consistent with my work ethic and philosophy of the company. We've always promoted local sports clubs, but never really made that promotion public.
With the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup, we want to announce publicly this time to heighten the profile of Citroen and the car dealership Schlegel. Our goal is to speak especially to the people who have not yet aware seen the Citroen brand. In the event we expect open people who are thrilled for new unknown things. We want to surprise them with our brand and associated products.”

Schlegel EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup 2012

Date: 17.-19.02.2012

Hallerstraße 91
20149 Hamburg


weekend ticket 12€
day ticket 5€

weekend ticket 25€
day ticket 10€

Tickets are available at the box-office or pre-selling in the secretariat of "Der Club an der Alster".

Pool A:
Der Club an der Alster (GER), Luzerner SC (SUI), Club Egara (ESP), Partille SC (SWE)

Pool B:
HDM (NED), Dinamo Electrostal (RUS), East Grinstead HC (ENG), SV Arminen (AUT)

Download the program booklet of the Schlegel EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup 2012. To do so, please click on the image below.

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