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Do you know the hockey rules?
Hockey on field or in hall – a system question

Hockey is known as a sport with similar regulations, but there are differences between field hockey and hockey played in hall. Here are some important modifications listed below:

The playing field
The measures of the playing field of both hockey versions are different. In field hockey the field measures 91,40 meters in length and 55 meters in width. The measures are determined in simple lines. Furthermore the game takes place on artificial lawn. Hockey played in hall is a bit different: the pitch measures 44 meters in length and 22 meters in width. The teams could even agree smaller measurements before the game. Instead of lines the playing field is zoned with boards. Quarter-lines in field hockey do not exist on the field in hall.

The Teams
The Number of players is different at both varieties as well. In field hockey the team must consist of maximal 16 players whereas no more than 11 players must stand on pitch. The team in hall must consist of maximal 12 persons with six players on the playing field.

The playing time
The playing time in field hockey is longer an in hall. There are two halves of 35 minutes and a half break of ten minutes. Every team has the opportunity of taking a timeout in each half of two minutes. In Hockey played in the hall there are also two half but with a time of 30 minutes (EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup 2 x 20 Minutes). The Break has a length of ten minutes as in field hockey. The teams in indoor and outdoor hockey can change their players how often they want, this rule is called Interchanging.

Euro Hockey League (EHL)
In the Euro Hockey League (EHL) the regulations are also a bit different. There are no halftimes but quarters in length of 17,30 minutes. Besides playing time there is the video proof, which helps in difficult desicions.

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